New Patient Appointments

We know it can be hard to reach out for help about personal problems. Feeling uncertain about it would be natural. We try to make it surprisingly easy and positive. Basically, when you call our main number, one of our Intake Coordinators will answer. She will get a feel for what kinds of issues you are hoping to address. Then, she will make you some recommendations for which clinicians or programs might be good first steps. We have one main number serving both our East Providence and North Kingstown locations.  401.294.0451

Our Intake Coordinators know which providers are accepting patients, what hours they have available, and which issues they focus on. They can also help you to understand the cost of being seen here and whether your health insurance will help. If you would prefer to have us call you, you can complete a brief contact form. Then, one of our Intake Coordinators will call you to discuss options. Whichever person you speak with initially will also serve as your ongoing practice representative, separate from any clinicians you see. They can help you with any questions about how to benefit the most from your work in the practice.

If you should ever have a concern, we are there to help. Please speak up. We truly want to help you feel better. It is our mission.

Insurance Options

When you call, we will help you to determine whether your health insurance will help cover your costs of coming to the practice. Many of our clinicians are in-network for Blue Cross and Tufts products. Many patients use their out-of-network benefits to be seen here. (You would pay us at session, we would submit claims for you, and your insurance company would reimburse you directly, based on your plan’s out-of-network benefits.) Some patients also choose not to use their insurance to pay for our services. There are some advantages to that approach too. We can discuss your options when you call.

Working with one of our providers in individual therapy or coaching or in a group workshop is within reach for most people, as we are flexible about how often and for how long you come in. Remodeling your life will almost certainly be less expensive than remodeling your bathroom.

Existing Patients

We encourage you to set up your RICBT patient portal when you first schedule an appointment here. If you do not yet have one, please call or email us to request one. The portal allows you to check your appointments, update your demographic or insurance information, and complete questionnaires to check your progress.

Refer a Patient

We make it extremely easy to refer your patients here for an evaluation or consultation and there are a number of ways of doing so. Click here to learn more about referring patients to RICBT.

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