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RICBT is a truly multidisciplinary mental health, psychotherapy, and coaching practice in Rhode Island (and Connecticut, under the OneCBT brand) specializing in evidence-based, cognitive behavioral approaches. We are passionate about helping people overcome a wide range of emotional problems (such as anxiety and depression) and helping them thrive as a student, spouse, parent, or professional. We have over sixty psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists practicing in five locations (East Providence, Barrington, Warwick, and North Kingstown in Rhode Island and in New Haven, CT) and serving a wide geographic area. We focus on two primary aims at RICBT. First, we strive to amaze and delight our patients with how rewarding it can be to work with us here. Second, we strive to protect our work culture – keeping it relaxed, close-knit, educational, and conducive to professional growth. We are a personal and down-to-earth group of people. If you have any questions, please reach out to our HR Manager, Josh at or to our CEO, Ben Johnson, PhD, ABPP at

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